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Ecofutures LAB


Fostering Hope, Resilience, & Action

EcoFutures Design Lab supports researchers and communities in imagining and creating more just ecological and energy futures.

Environmental conservation

we seek systemic change through individual empowerment

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Learn how to creatively restore ecosystems in your community to create a more resilient environment.


Engage in practices that foster hope for the future so we are empowered to act.


Participate in shifting our society to one that honors the earth and each other.


Ecological Restoration

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Energy Futures

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Science and tEchnology

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Who We are:

Dr. Shana Lee Hirsch

University of Washington, HCDE

EcoFutures Design Lab was founded by Dr. Shana Lee Hirsch, an author and sustainability scientist who works at the nexus of environmental science and cultural change. She draws from her transdisciplinary background in natural resources science, policy, and management and her experiences working with scientists that are on “the front lines” of climate change in their daily work. Dr. Hirsch founded EcoFutures Design Lab in 2022, as a forum for diverse ways of knowing and managing the environment that are necessary to bring about systemic change to address future challenges. Dr. Hirsch' academic publications can be found here. Her book, published by UW Press can be found here.

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